How to Build a Lovely House Extension

Here are some handy tips when you hire an excellent construction company in Freehold or where you live, to help with a house extension project.

Be sure to have all the necessary approvals

This might not be something you have to handle. If you hire a professional construction company in Colts Neck this is part of the role they can take on. The shape, scale and size of the project will dictate whether you need permissions or not. Each area is different so a local construction company is going to know how it works for your location. Even if your construction project does not need planning permission you will still need building regulations approval. This is to make sure all the work is done to code and so that the work passes inspections. Houses need these things to sell easily should you choose to move sometime in the future.

Inform your neighbors

Whatever size the building works it is just common decency to let your neighbours know there is work going to happen and through what dates. If they are going to be difficult they are likely to be less so when you are nice about it. It can also lower the chance of them going to the local council and making complaints about you, and making things difficult. In most cases, they will thank you for the notification and wish you well.

Have a realistic budget

A lot of homeowners overspend on house renovation and extension work. It is easy to do since sometimes things go wrong, are not as easy as expected, there are delivery issues, and so on. When you work out a budget make sure you properly price things and get detailed quotes from various construction company in Freehold. The average is suggested to have between a thousand to two thousand dollars per square meter of the extension. Then you should have at least another 10% in funds on top of that, if not 20%, in a just-in-case fund.

Know what the reason behind getting an extension is

Having a purpose for the extension ensures you work out an accurate budget, you make sure all the practical things you will need are there and that the space works for the reason you need it.

Think about the surroundings

The location of the home needs to be thought about in the design process of the extension. You should also think about your surroundings. Is it building on a slope? Is the location easy for the construction people to access? Is the design sympathetic to the trees, stream or urban city you are living in?


When you are thinking about adding an extension to your home of any type, spend some time planning, and talk to experienced contractors before you hire anyone. Then you can find the right construction company in Colts Neck with enough experience and knowledge to handle your project easily. Enjoy the additional space you can achieve in your home!

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