Why Custom Glass for the Bathroom Makes the Most Sense

Bathroom renovations can be done on a budget but often they start at at least six thousand dollars and then can go up from there. There is a lot to get right in the room, and since it sees a lot of use, it makes sense to invest in high-quality materials as well. This includes Toms River glass designs for the shower. This is an important feature of most people’s bathrooms so as well as working practically they can look great too. Let’s look at some key reasons for investing in custom glass in the bathroom over the common plastic shower curtain.

Glass shower doors are easy to clean

The other option is shower curtains which are harder to clean and after multiple showers start to build up grime and scale regardless. The plastic absorbs a lot of the dampness and then mold can happen as well. With a glass custom shower door, you have something that is non-porous, easy to clean and a lot less likely to have problems with mold and grime you cannot remove. Just wipe with a mild soap solution or cleaner and a sponge.

Glass shower doors add luxury to the room

There is no doubt if you want to make a bathroom feel more luxurious and elegant, shower glass doors are the better choice over plastic curtains. Toms River glass designs give you sleek lines and detailed skilled options that can suit any bathroom. Whether you have opaque, transparent or translucent glass, whether you choose frameless or framed doors. They are all very attractive and life the appearance of even a tired bathroom.

Glass shower doors keep the room lighter

Another fun thing about glass shower doors is that they keep the bathroom lighter and therefore feeling bigger. Curtains tend to darken the room whereas glass does not block the light getting through, at least not completely. You can still have some privacy with certain choices but allow the light to everywhere and keep the bathroom beautiful and bright.

Glass shower doors are better for the planet

What is also interesting about glass shower doors is that they are better in terms of sustainability and making better choices for the planet. We should be moving towards using less plastic, and having plastic shower curtains that we replace multiple times when they rip or are too moldy is not the greenest choice. Opting for glass shower doors that can last for many many years is the better option for the planet.


You spend a lot of time in the bathroom, probably more than you even realize. It makes sense to have that space how we want it whether that is somewhere more like a spa, more luxurious, or more casual. Glass shower doors can be a part of any bathroom style and are the better investment for aesthetic reasons, for practical reasons and for the environment. If you are looking for help with glass shower doors take a look at Twin Glass today.

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