Enjoying the Recent Design Trends with Natural Stone

While trends in design for countertops and kitchens change over time, some things remain popular through them. That includes the appeal of natural stone. There is a wide range of patterns, colors and looks you can get and it comes with its own personality. You can enjoy a range of options at Aphrodite Tinton Falls, so take some time to find what reflects your tastes while meeting your practical needs.

Natural stone elevates any bathroom or kitchen

The reason natural stone is such a timeless material to choose for your countertops is that it works with any design to elevate the room. You can make the kitchen or bathroom more opulent and elegant or you can keep it more natural and simple. It can be a key and central aspect of the room or you can keep it more neutral and complimentary. It is also a durable material, when you invest in a stone countertop you should get many years out of it. Here are some of the latest stone trends people are exploring.

Bolder and more vibrant color options

For a long time, the more standard approach to color with stone countertops has been to choose more neutral tones. Now people are considering bolder colors and patterns. It can be a way to add more personality to the room and help certain features to stand out. Popular bold modern colors are deep greens, blacks and vibrant blues. More prominent veining is also more in demand.

Interesting finishes and textures for the surface

There is more to the surface finish than just a smooth choice. There are some very interesting options to finish the surface of the countertop or to add texture such as hammered textures, perfect for adding dimension and depth, leathered finishes that are a tactile option and then choosing matte or honed finishes.

Using the technique of book matching

Bookmatching is a specific technique used when working with stone where two or more slabs are laid out mirroring each other and creating symmetrical patterns. As well as being used for countertops it is also used for shower walls, bar tops, accent walls and surrounding fireplaces.

Mixing different natural stones

Rather than just choosing one stone to work with, something you could talk to the professionals for your Aphrodite stone is mixing and matching stone. You can achieve different patterns and colors as well as textures. Common choices homeowners mix are granite with limestone, or slate with marble.There are also a number of semiprecious stones that you could choose from. The results can be really eye catching.


If you are on the hunt for something innovative, modern and creative with natural stone, visit Aphrodite Stone in Tinton Falls! They can help you choose the right options for your personal style and to meet your aesthetic needs. You can stay classic if you prefer but there are also a lot of options where you can be more creative and try something different.

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