Are Boucle Sofas Worth Purchasing?

Browsing on Pinterest may have urged you to redecorate your home. But choosing the furniture to place in your living room may be a tough decision.

There have been numerous trends in home designs over the decade, but bouclefabric furniture remains one of the most fashionable since it was first popularised in the 1940s. A nubby-textured fabric recognisable for its curly yarn threads, boucle possesses both comfort and looks.

But is boucle furniture worth it?

The Advantages of Boucle Furniture

Ease and Comfort

Despite its rough appearance, boucle fabric is soft and comfortable to sit in. Many have described it to be like laying in sheep’s wool.

If you want stylish furniture that provides maximum comfort, boucle sofas are your solution. 

Easy to Clean

Have you ever experienced drinks spilling on your sofa and ruining their appearance? It can be troublesome to clean stains on furniture fabric, so homeowners throw them away instead.

But with boucle furniture, you don’t have to worry about stains spoiling their stylish look. Boucle has one of the lowest absorption rates of any fabric, which means you can easily wipe off any liquid stains.

Light Absorption

Boucle is a thick and heavy fabric with high fade resistance. Furniture upholstered with this fabric loses colour slower than other materials since it absorbs light than reflect it.

The Disadvantages of Boucle Furniture

High Maintenance

While boucle furniture is relatively easy to clean, the loops of the fabric make it prone to accumulating dust, lint, and dirt. 

High Cost

High-performance boucle furniture – which can resist most wear and stains – comes with an expensive price tag.

Unsuitable for Pets

The delicate yarn loops of boucle furniture can easily get caught in pet claws. Cats, in particular, love pulling at the threads.

Redecorate with High-Quality Boucle Furniture

Despite its cons, we can’t deny that boucle furniture has a higher standard than any other appointments of different fabrics. Achieve comfort and style today when you purchase gorgeous boucle sofas and chairs by Urban Road.

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