Maintaining Your Home’s Structural Integrity with Regular Inspections

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There are numerous steps in the home-buying process, but few are as impactful as a home inspection. By the time you table an offer on a home in Half Moon Bay, you might think you know everything about a property. Nonetheless, a professional home inspection may offer much-needed reassurance by allowing you to identify potential concerns before closing on the property. Continue reading to discover some key things your home inspector should look out for during a home inspection.

Basic Safety Features

The safety of a property is a key concern for homebuyers, which is why many home inspectors include it on their checklist for home inspections in Half Moon Bay real estate. Among the things your home inspector will watch out for include whether the property has smoke detectors, ground fault interrupters, safety glasses near water, or stairs.

Your home inspector will also determine if these features are installed properly and in good working condition. As for the stairs, they should be uniform, have handrails, and have a safe height and angle.

The Roof

A home inspector can tell if a roof was built properly by an expert or poorly by an amateur. Your inspector will want to ensure your roof is well-built, does not show warning signs of deterioration or aging, and can keep you safe from the weather.

Besides, your inspector will check whether any opening, such as the skylight or chimney, is properly flashed, sealed, and free of debris and moss.

Major Systems

A home inspector will also examine all your home’s major interior systems, plumbing and electrical to air conditioning and heating.

How well do the air conditioning and heating systems work? Suppose anything is not in good working condition. In that case, the inspector will inform Half Moon Bay CA real estate agent Mishelle Westendorf, who relays the information to help you make an informed decision.

The plumbing system should also be in good shape to provide adequate water to the home and drain effectively to avoid mold or flooding concerns. An inspector will also ensure that your electrical system is safe, that it produces adequate power for the home, and that it is properly installed and grounded. They will also ensure that there are sufficient outlets.


Hazardous fumes can accumulate in a home if the equipment that runs on natural gas or oil, such as water heaters, are not properly installed and operated. Good ventilation is key. Most appliances have built-in safety mechanisms, but a competent inspector will ensure the safety features are functional.

Aside from testing the water heater’s ventilation, an inspector will also examine its optimal temperature to ensure your tap water does not become too hot to burn anyone. Furthermore, your inspector will ensure that clothes dryers are well-vented to trap lint and release hot air, which helps avoid house fires.

The Exteriors and Foundation

Your home inspector will examine the exteriors of your home to check for any leaning walls, gaps in window and door frames, and stress cracks. It is also necessary to inspect for cracks in the foundation and look at rain gutters and flashings, window seals, and drainage.

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