Learn About the Various Kinds of Skirting Boards

Skirting boards play a vital role in hiding the uneven and untidy joints between the floor and the base of a wall. These boards turn into design features when they are used, and they never fail to add interest and depth to the spaces where you fit them. When the matter zeroes on the ideas of skirting boards, you are not required to think very hard. The good thing is you will come across a huge array of choices when the matter zeroes on profiles, from crisp straight edges having super slim designs to those that are designed to slide into a period home having decorative details seamlessly.

Kinds of skirting boards

You will come across many kinds of options for skirting boards, and you can take your pick from them. Commonly, people prefer to use a 7 inch skirting board as it seems ideal for being used on plaster, wood, plasterboard, concrete, and brick. Some kinds of popular skirting boards used in buildings are:

  • Metal skirting – This is a popular kind of skirting. Commonly, stainless steel is utilized for creating metal skirting to provide a rich interior and modern appearance. Metal skirting adds lighting to a building’s interiors.
  • Pencil skirting – Pencil skirting is used for hiding expansion gaps and cleaning finish structures. Commonly in this kind of skirting, the upper edges tend to be round. This kind of skirting becomes an unmatched choice for walls having plain or patterned walls.
  • Flush skirting – If you wish to get seamless walls without any outer projection, such as other kinds of skirting boards, then your first choice should be flush skirting. This kind of skirting seems to be the best as it doesn’t catch dust easily, similar to other skirting boards.
  • Wooden skirting – This kind of skirting turns into the best choice for ornamental and traditional décor designs. People use wooden skirting boards for tiled and marble floors as they provide an aesthetic appearance to a building’s interiors.
  • Colored skirting – Commonly, colored skirting is a medium-density fibreboard (MDF), and they are colored according to people’s desired colors. Colored skirting is a comparatively lesser inexpensive option in comparison to high-density fibreboard or HDF.
  • Double-layer skirting – When you have a different taste and hunting for innovative skirting boards, then you must settle for double-layer skirting boards. These skirting boards are created in a couple of layers on different levels or the same level. Many skilled workers work on double-layer skirting as in this process, different layers of a skirting board are joined and installed.
  • Continued skirting – This kind of skirting is done all through the borders incessantly. Continued skirting boards seem to be the best choice for people who hunt for color-balanced interior spaces.


Skirting boards have huge importance as they are specific kinds of material boards that are utilized in skirting, and they run along walls. If you wish to use a skirting board in your home, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of all kinds of skirting boards. Additionally, you must weigh the pros and cons of each type. A 7 inch skirting board proposes an ideal surface that you can apply as the top coat.

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