How Furniture Upholstery Can Impact Your Overall Interior Design?

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The furniture upholstery you choose for your home can significantly impact the overall interior design. It can effectively make or break the style of the room. The right upholstery fabric can unify the theme of the décor. Opting for the wrong upholstery fabric, on the other hand, will make your home look poorly styled and cohesive. Therefore, it is essential to know how certain color combinations can affect the appeal of a room’s interior.

Here’s how upholstery can impact your interior:

Harmonious Style

The type of upholstery you choose should complement and create a harmonious effect with the furniture you’re going to upholster and other interior design elements. The most important factor to consider while choosing furniture upholstery is texture, color, and pattern.

Large patterned upholstery fabrics will not look good on a small ottoman or a delicate chair. However, in a large living space, a bold, large-patterned fabric will look attractive. If your interior décor is traditional, consider a fabric that is of the same style. If, however, you have a contemporary décor style, upholstery fabric designed to complement this décor is best.

Pleasing Colors

Another factor that can have a significant impact on the overall interior décor of the house is the use of colors. Of course, you want an upholstery fabric that will complement and please your entire interior. Many people can’t afford to reupholster their furniture every year, so purchase a right-colored fabric that you can live with happily for many years.

Remember that cool or warm colors can greatly affect the atmosphere of your interior as well as your moods. Warm-colored upholstery is ideal for making your room look cozy and inviting, as it reminds you of heat and sunlight. Cool colors, on the contrary, can create a calm, sedate ambiance while enlarging a small room. If you do not want cool or warm hues, you can opt for neutral shades as they complement every décor.

Appropriate Fabric Types

If you are looking for upholstery for vintage or traditional décor, chenille, velvet, and jacquard are the top options to consider. The appearance of chenille is somewhat similar to velvet, but it’s much more durable. Jacquard upholstery fabric looks elegant and classy, giving a decorative, textured look while also offering incredible durability. Microfiber is also a good upholstery fabric that is not only durable but also resistant to fading and abrasion. That’s why it is ideal for furniture that is regularly in use and receives everyday wear and tear. If you are looking for a timeless and sleek appearance, leather upholstery could be the best option to consider, and for many good reasons. If your budget is tight, you can consider faux leather. It suits all décor types and is long-lasting as well.

So, this is how upholstery can impact your overall interior. Still unsure of what to choose? Consult with professionals. They will guide you in choosing the right upholstery fabric to greatly enhance your décor.

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