Five Outdoor Amenities That Makes Your Hamptons Home Luxurious

The Hamptons represent some of the most desirable and sought-after real estate in the US. With its coastal homes and magnificent farmhouses, this city serves as a summer playground for the East Coast’s elite. If you are exploring the Hamptons luxury real estate, a home with an outdoor space loaded with upscale amenities will undoubtedly be at the top of your list. Here are some of the most luxurious amenities to help you make the most of the spectacular views.

  1. Outdoor Brick Oven 

If you want to wow your visitors and enjoy the outside during the summer and some chilly fall evenings, an outdoor brick oven can be a perfect addition to your home.

However, you will likely not find Hamptons homes for sale with an outdoor brick oven already installed. So, you may have to buy or build one. Luckily, based on the features of your property, you have several options to pick from.

  1. Hidden Outdoor Speakers

The Hamptons are recognized for their splendor. Nevertheless, once outdoor speakers wear out and become unsightly, they make the property less desirable. Even the best luxury speakers can start to fade or corrode when positioned on an overhang around your home.

There are several creative alternatives available that can allow you to listen to music in your outside space without worrying about your speaker being unsightly. One such option is a subdued speaker rock that appears like landscape rocks on the ground. Another option is using speakers that resemble miniature solar lights; they can be embedded into or next to your landscape to create a smooth and understated appearance.

  1. Gas Fire Table

Some Hamptons properties for sale may include a fire pit or gas fire table. As the weather cools off, these opulent outdoor luxuries can provide a lovely finishing touch to a waterfront view and liven up your outdoor living space.

Gas fire pits and tables are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Some gas fire pits can even be transformed into full-size dining or coffee tables.

  1. Outdoor Water Fountain

Few things compare to the tranquility of flowing water and a sunny, calm waterfront view. Choose a water fountain that complements your outside space.

Outdoor water fountains come in various styles, sizes, and shapes. You can even combine two luxurious outdoor amenities by purchasing a water fountain with a fire element. While not many homes in Hamptons luxury real estate have fire-filled water fountains, incorporating this opulent feature will set your new residence apart.

  1. Luxury Gazebo

When lounging by the pool, you can find shade from the summer heat under a luxurious gazebo. If the weather turns bad, this gazebo can also offer protection from rain or a chilly breeze. Some gazebos also feature detachable window covers or shades that can be useful regardless of the weather.

Fundamentally, gazebos can be anything you want them to be. Some gazebos are modest and charming, with a distinct aesthetic meant purely for appearance. Gazebos can also be big and functional, with a tiny outdoor kitchen or other features.

Explore Hamptons Luxury Real Estate with Christopher Covert

The luxury real estate market in The Hamptons is booming as more homebuyers, investors, and tourists flock to the area. If you are buying a home in The Hamptons, contact an experienced local real estate agent like Christopher Covert. Christopher Covert to help you find an upscale property with all the best luxury amenities, under your budget. Call today to get started.

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