FAQs about Studio Apartments

If you are looking for a new apartment there are all kinds of sizes depending on how of you there are and what you need. Marina view residences are a great choice but if you need something smaller you would be looking for a 1-bed apartment or even a studio. Residing in a studio takes some creativity and thinking out of the box and it is not for everyone. There is one space where you live, sleep and cook and then a separate bathroom. Here are some frequently asked questions about living in a studio space to help you get a better idea of things.

Q1. Is there any value in choosing a studio apartment?

A1. Actually, while they might have their limits there is a lot of benefit to choosing a studio. They are less to buy and to rent since they are smaller so you might be able to live in locations that are otherwise too high in price for your budget. They cost less to keep warm or cool saving money on bills and you are forced to de-clutter and focus less on owning lots of things.         

Q2. What reasons do people give to consider a small space?

A2. There are a number of reasons people choose this option. Being the most affordable is one of the big ones, more availability is another. You do not have to have roommates in order to afford a space to live when you have a smaller budget.       

Q3. Do people get depressed living in a studio?

A3. Sometimes people hesitate to choose a studio or even a small apartment because they are concerned about feelings of being confined and enclosed which might lead to depression. It takes some clever choices in terms of having items that have multi-functions and you need to let go of always shopping and buying new things. That is a good thing. There are tricks to making it feel larger like the use of light and mirrors and getting out and socializing often is a good idea.       

Q4. Is a studio suitable for a couple?

A4. As a couple you might be better off looking at somewhere like the Marina view residences unless you are good at compromise, thinking about how to work the space out between you and like each other! It is a good way to start off on the property ladder though as a couple before moving to something larger.      

Q5. What to look for in a decent studio apartment?

A5. When you are looking at apartments you should look for somewhere that has enough room for your needs, has the amenities in the building that you need and is somewhere you can see your belongings even in a limited capacity. Make sure things work and measure carefully.   


Living in a small apartment can be tricky as it is, but living in a studio is even more so. It is not something that everyone can do but it has advantages so could be worth giving a try.

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